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Personal Growth

Growth typically comes in leaps and bounds.  We’re cruising along nicely and then there is a ‘hitch’: things change in our environment or we ourselves run into an unforeseen roadblock. We haven’t chosen to change, but we must. Whatever the catalyst – from a reorganization that needs to happen to a personal desire to tackle recurring behavioral patterns – change is hard.

We work 1-1 with executives who face an opportunity or a necessity to do things differently. Acting as  coach / sparring partner / advisor / trainer to help chart next steps and how to take them.

To give you a taste of what we do look at the cases we describe in our services.

We believe personal growth is about finding your source of energy.

First we inquire into and then help uncover and shape your ambitions. Guided by our experience in and knowledge of business, human motivation and change management, you will define your next steps. On average we find that 3-5 coaching sessions will get you to where you want to be.

Get in touch if you are interested in moving ahead.

Case example:

“Our conversations were life changing for me”. These were the words of a client who was struggling to move up the corporate ladder. He constantly ran into the challenge of not being perceived sufficiently as a leader, even though his performance was above target. We uncovered his inner drivers and particularly his inner critic and he discovered that there was only one person standing in between him and his promotion: he, himself. We worked on silencing that voice and meanwhile on ways of connecting more compellingly with his leadership. Within 6 months he was promoted. 


We believe personal growth is about giving meaning to your life.

We all have passion and we all want to thrive in what we do. Those two often don’t go hand in hand, because we don’t know what drives us or why. Do you feel like life is passing you by and work is just something you do? If so, it is time to stop and time to start understanding what would give your life – and work – a stronger sense of meaning and fulfillment.

First we help you understand what drives you and which values are strongly rooted in your beliefs. Then we look at where you currently are, and how your existing skills and knowledge match with your drivers and your values. Bringing those two together will help you set a path to a more meaningful life, with a clear vision to guide you.

Purpose Session is a group session, as the sharing amongst people facing the same challenge brings a richness to the internal dialogue. Of course individual coaching is also appropriate.

Get in touch if you are interested in finding your purpose.


In many cultures moments of transition are recognized – and often ritualized – as turning points in one’s life. As we move from one stage of our life to a next, we need to acknowledge what the past has brought us and prepare for what the future is asking of us.  Such moments challenge us to reassess our drivers and who we are at our very best.  For Senior Executives a job change offers such an opportunity. We offer the bespoke 1-1 Senior Executive Transition (SET) Program to support senior executives in redefining their best self at a time when they have both the opportunity and the need to reconfirm who they are as a leader. The program expands over a period of 90 days, starting at 30 days before stepping into the new role.

Get in touch if you are interested in stepping into your new role successfully.

Case example:

“It seems so obvious : changing roles offers the opportunity to begin with a ‘clean slate’  and be our best selves. But then reality kicks in an before we know it we are repeating old patterns – both the successful and the unsuccessful ones – , and  diving in to ‘prove’ ourselves rather than taking the time to consciously reflect on what is needed.

One of the Senior Executives we worked with described the Program  as a forced but welcome moment to take a Balcony view of his own behavior and what he was encountering in the new organization.  As a result he – in his own words – ‘managed to transform experiences into wisdom, listen to my gut as well as my brain, and take decisions that were more considered  and in line with who I really want to be as a leader’.  As a taster of what we did during the sessions: 360 Feedback helped him get a clearer sense of his strengths, constellation work helped him recognize and understand underlying dynamics between himself and parts of the new organization, and journaling and storytelling work helped him understand and articulate his leadership and vision narrative.”

We believe personal growth is about having the skill set to stand out.

Intelligence is not the issue, but getting heard or seen is. So many of us struggle with being in the shadow of the colleague who is so effective in claiming the limelight. We know we could add more value and be more visible but we don’t know how. Often because we have never focused on the skills that help gain a compelling presence: strong messaging and personal presence.

We run individual and group sessions that help you build both skills – compelling communication on the one hand, impactful presence on the other.

Get in touch if you are interested in having a more compelling presence.

Case example:

“I always knew which path we needed to take, but never managed to get people on board. Now I know how suddenly people are looking to me for my perspective.” This feedback came to us from a senior executive who struggled to get his point across, and therefore found himself lacking visibility in important meetings. We helped him understand how to communicate his perspectives more compellingly and worked with him on his skill in delivering that message in a more engaging and persuasive way. These communication and presentation skills helped him smoothen his path to the next level in his organization, simply by being seen and heard more. 

Peer Circles are the undiscovered gems that can help you resolve your toughest professional challenges, and break down barriers to your career progression. Peer Circles are a hybrid of Mentoring and Coaching and provides a space for you to make quick, positive quantum leaps with your professional challenges.

In these intimate virtual group sessions, you make a brief presentation of your challenge and a proven, facilitated process helps you to tap into the collective wisdom of your group to discover potential solutions.

More importantly, your small network of supporters will fuel your confidence to be focused and act with new clarity of thought. The perspective of peers with similar issues and experiences – “what would I do if I was in your shoes” – is a forgotten model that has been used in wisdom traditions for thousands of years, and can help you boost your career.

Following your participation with a Peer Circle, we invite you to join our community.