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Kathy Iffla

To help make real what matters

I often tell people when they ask, that I live in the most ridiculous place, given the work that I do!

I live on the west coast of Wales beside the Irish Sea, on the southernmost boundary of the Snowdonia national park. Of course, it is stunningly beautiful, and has a wonderful community spirit. However, it is 2.5hrs drive to the nearest city/airport and most business meetings.

However, this was a conscious choice I made many years ago – because where I live matters! A second decision made many years ago, was to work with people in organisations who have impact on the lives of others – I wanted to “Influence the influencers” – the leaders.

Why am I telling you this? CHOICES and DECISIONS determine the life we lead, and the quality that this brings to ourselves and others. Coaching and facilitating senior leaders and their teams in the exploration of how they make decisions, and what choices they make, is at the heart of what I do.

In a world where there is often an overload of data and very little time, leaders find themselves under increasing pressure and my role is to support their learning in how to lead through their complex and fast paced environments.
I work in many different businesses around the globe and have over 20 years of experience. I aim to build trust quickly and establishes strong relationships with clients which last over time. I like to see learning translated into practical action and growth. It is my ability to make learning real and applied, that has given me a motto about what I do.

I aim “To help make real what matters”

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