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Tim Morris

I am regularly drawn to simple, elegant wisdom that illuminates thinking and ideas, enabling people to genuinely bring and be their best. If its too complex I find its attractiveness (and clarity) rapidly fades when pragmatism is needed in finding solutions to problems. In my work as a facilitator and coach I encourage others to look at perceived difficulties from perspectives that they would perhaps not normally adopt – helping them recognise opportunities for positive change. My father, as an academic scientist encouraged me to have an enquiring mind and develop a fascination for exploring for meaning, purpose and understanding in life – and to have fun doing it!  This has fueled my intrigue for what makes people tick and how they can bring uniqueness and gifts to their work activities and relationships. For me, its always a great privilege to work alongside people who have  committed to lead people and organisations to the best of their abilities – and to help them navigate towards their goals.

To find out some more about me please have a look at my linked in profile where you can get further insight into what I bring to my practice in terms of style, outlook and experience.

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