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"If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living"

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In deze coronacrisis bieden we een overzicht van concrete acties aan die jou en je teamleden helpen om samen succesvol voort te gaan. Deze Crash Course Virtueel Leidinggeven: Team Succes op Afstand geeft 12 acties die het vertrouwen en de betrokkenheid versterken, terwijl we allemaal worstelen met de uitdagingen en zorgen die het coronavirus met zich meebrengen. Wij staan klaar om je bij te staan.


In these times of crisis we are offering you concrete actions to help you and your team thrive whilst working from home, with all the challenges and concerns that everyone is currently dealing with. This link will take you to a Dutch overview of actions.

Please leave us your contact details for the English version, which we are currently preparing.

Crash-course Virtueel Leidinggeven

We support leadership teams and individuals in helping shift mindsets and behaviors.

People don’t resist change, they resist being changed. And if we do choose to change, it is often slow and hard.

We will help find the spark that energizes you, your team and your organization to uncover a brighter future, one that is firmly rooted in a strong past.

If we don’t change we get ‘stuck in our old ways’. And when we do, we miss out on growth opportunities and ultimately get left behind.

So we must change, continuously. Spark – Change for Growth will work with you to fuel the necessary courage, curiosity and perseverance to make change happen.

Find out more about how we work and what we do.